In these uncertain times, Free Range Pumpkins is dedicated to keeping our customers safe.

Our customers health and well-being are of upmost importance to us, so we are making the following changes:

  1. We will be reducing our store hours. The new hours will be posted on all of our social media accounts, on our website and our front door.
  2. All regularly touched surfaces are cleaned on a regular basis.
  3. We have removed all playmats and table coverings from our play area until the health crisis has subsided.
  4. Our demo games will no longer be available in the play area.
  5. We are limiting our play area to 10 persons at a time.
  6. We are limiting our retail area to 10 persons at a time.
  7. We will be installing a ring doorbell by the front door. Customers will have to ring the doorbell in order to gain entrance.  This will ensure that we keep to our new occupancy standards.
  8. We will be offering curbside pickup.
  9. We know that everyone has to stay at home and finding ways to occupy your family is sometimes difficult… so we are offering 15% off all games in store.
  10. Any future events will be strictly limited to 10 persons, so signups online or prepayment in store will be mandatory prior to the event.
  11. We are looking for ways to stream our RPG events so that people can still connect and play.

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