Meet Spanky, The Free Range Pumpkins Guru

Spanky is our Chihuahua mix and the unofficial mascot of Free Range Pumpkins.  He is wise beyond his years and has an opinion on just about everything.  In the "Ask Spanky" blog he will be answering your questions and guiding you in making your purchases.  In the future, Spanky will be posting videos and product reviews.  Look out world, here comes Spanky!!

About Spanky

Other than cuddling his owners and annoying his cat (Polly), Spanky spends his time napping in a pile of blankets and pillows or gazing out the windows.  He loves to watch Law and Order (Lenny is his favorite character) or the cooking channel.

Spanky loves to get dressed up (yes, he is into Cosplay and fancies himself an international Cosplay star), his favorite color is pink and his go-to snack is peanut butter.

When Spanky joins Amy at the store, his first point of business is to check the perimeter.  Once a thorough sniff of every wall has taken place, it is time to inspect the boxes.  Strange noises or unknown persons entering the store will result in a sound barking!  He takes these jobs very seriously as this is how he keeps his mother safe... just ask him.  

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