Pokémon Cosmic Eclipse Prerelease

$30 entry

Prerelease events are a tournament style event, so make sure you know the basics of playing the game and building a deck! (Need to learn? Check out Pokemon league on Saturdays at 12 PM!)

If not submitted during online registration, you will need your Pokemon ID. If you do not have a Pokemon ID, our friendly staff can assist you in obtaining one.

You will receive a Prerelease kit at the beginning of the event. This box contains 4 booster packs, a 22-card Evolution pack, and 1 of 4 promo cards. You will make a 40 card deck using just the cards in your prerelease kit and basic energy. We will provide the energy for you to make your deck.

You will then play 3 rounds and at the end of the rounds you get three more boosters regardless of record!

Players keep all the cards in their kit and booster packs.

Remember, Prerelease events are casual events and many of the players are new to the game or maybe even playing in their first event! We expect all players to be respectful and helpful with each other!

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