Theros: Beyond Death Pre-Release Events

Come out to Free Range Pumpkins for a Theros: Beyond Death Pre-Release Event! Open up a Pre-Release Kit and construct a deck out of the yet to be released cards sealed within. Play will continue in rounds where you play your newly constructed deck against the people around you. Each Pre-Release Kit comes with a special foil and date-stamped promo card from Theros: Beyond Death.

Event Dates and Times are as follows:

January 17th - 5 PM *AT THE UTA LIBRARY*

January 18th - 12:30 PM & 3:30 PM

January 19th - 12:30 PM

Preregistration - $30 (Free Theros: Beyond Death Booster for Preregistering)

Day-of Registration - $35

Prizes: Theros: Beyond Death booster packs will be used as prizes. 2 packs per player are allocated to the prize pool.

Swiss Format, 3 Rounds.

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