Theros: Beyond Death Pre-Release Events

Pre-Release events for Theros: Beyond Death are edging ever closer and we have special pre-order prizes for the first 24 people to escape from the underworld. If you come in and secure you spot then you'll get to pick from special prize packs, but come quick because prizes are limited.

Come out to Free Range Pumpkins for a Theros: Beyond Death Pre-Release Event! Open up a Pre-Release Kit and construct a deck out of the yet to be released cards sealed within. Play will continue in rounds where you play your newly constructed deck against the people around you. Each Pre-Release Kit comes with a special foil and date-stamped promo card from Theros: Beyond Death.

Event Dates and Times are as follows:

January 17th - 5 PM *AT THE UTA LIBRARY*

January 18th - 12:30 PM & 3:30 PM

January 19th - 12:30 PM

Preregistration - $30 (Free Theros: Beyond Death Booster for Preregistering)

Day-of Registration - $35

Prizes: Theros: Beyond Death booster packs will be used as prizes. 2 packs per player are allocated to the prize pool.

Swiss Format, 3 Rounds.

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