Sanctuary: The Keepers Era (pre-loved)

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This is a pre-loved game.  All of the cards seem to be present.  


Sanctuary: The Keepers Era is a 1vs1 competitive card game with a solid strategic component.

Two players, each representing a Keeper who leads one of the six Factions, engage in a fast-paced fight, playing their cards to attack the opponent’s Sanctuaries and defend their own.

Destroying all enemy Sanctuaries is the winning condition of the game.

To fulfill their goal, players need to get familiar with their decks and get the most out of every move, managing the unique mechanics of each Faction at their best.

The game is composed of six Faction decks. Each deck has its own peculiarity and implies different playing styles, exploiting the special abilities of its synergistic cards. In every single deck, players can find many possible strategic paths.