Store Rules


Free Range Pumpkins supports open gaming and the gaming community at large. We do, however, have a few rules regarding the play space (and the store, in general) that need to be observed.  Anyone found in violation of the store rules may be banned from using the play space in the future or banned from the store entirely. Case by case. Please observe the rules so this doesn't become necessary.

  1. Anyone may use the play space for any tabletop gaming activity, though actual gaming will always trump any other use of the play space.
    1. If you are using a table and someone asks to watch your game, the answer is always, “Yes. Please pull up a chair.”
    2. If you are using a table and someone asks to join your game, there are two options.
      1. Allow them to join. (If there is more than one person asking, and they are together, you cannot choose to allow one and not the other to play with you.)
      2. Let them know, politely, that your table is full but that they are welcome to watch the game.
    3. If you are using a table and are uncomfortable with someone else in the store, please discretely let a member of staff know and they will take care of this for you. (Please remember that you are in a public space and intolerance is not tolerated.)
  2. We have limited tables available; please do not monopolize the area by using more than one table. (i.e.: Do not put your food and personal belongings on one table while gaming on another.)
  3. We love kids. However, there are a few things to remember:
    1. We are not a babysitting service so please do not drop your kid off unless they are involved in an organized gaming activity and can play unassisted.
    2. Babies are cute, but if you are here for an organized event please leave your child at home.
  4. We are open 7 days a week and the play space may be used during any open hours. If there is a store organized gaming activity, priority use of the play space goes to the organized event.
  5. Demo games should be kept in good condition and put back into their boxes in an orderly fashion when done. Put the game back on the shelf when you are finished.
  6. You may bring your own games and gaming materials to the play space.
  7. No weapons of any kind are allowed in the play space.
  8. Per Texas law, all places inside the store are non-smoking.
  9. Drugs or alcohol, in or out of your person, are not tolerated. Anyone caught with illegal drugs on the premises, including parking lots, may receive a life-time ban on the first offense without warning.
  10. Absolutely no stealing. This is common sense. Please don’t make us call the Police.
  11. No outside food or drinks are allowed in the store… we have snacks and drinks available for purchase.
  12. Competitive or casual, games or meant to be fun for all. Good sportsmanship is a must, win or lose. No table-bullying. This should go without saying.
  13. Absolutely no destruction of tables, chairs or other store property or property belonging to others.
  14. No messes. Mess is not just food, it’s also game bags, packaging, Magic cards and boxes, binders, papers, etc.
  15. Remember, you are not the only gamer in the store. Do not bring car seats, playpens, coolers, suitcases, etc. into the store. These items obstruct other customers.
  16. Be respectful of others.