13 Piece Polyhedral Dice Set

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This complete set includes one D3, one D4, one D6, one D8, one D10, one D%, one D12, one D20, one D24, one D30, one D50, one D60, and one D100. It meets everything you desire for all your games.

Quality control: No cracks, chips or damage. Every dice included is inspected before being packaged, ensuring that you'll only get the best dice here! Use as a DND dice set, Pathfinder, Magic the Gathering or any other game where you need lots of dice.

Material: Polyresin

Choking Hazard - Not for Children Under 3

Each Set Include:

1pc D3: 16mm

1pc D4: 20mm

1pc D6: 16mm

1pc D8: 16mm

1pc D10: 16mm

1pc D%: 16mm

1pc D12: 18mm

1pc D20: 20mm

1pc D24: 22mm

1pc D30: 25mm

1pc D50: 30mm

1pc D60: 35mm

1pc D100: 45MM