2019 Upper Deck Alien 3  Hobby Box

2019 Upper Deck Alien 3 Hobby Box

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2019 Upper Deck Alien 3 (1992 Movie) Trading Cards delivers (1) Mug Shot Autograph or Original Art Sketch Card plus (1) Lead Works Card and (1) Chest Burster Card in Every Box!* (on average) Upper Deck's survey of the hit 20th Century Fox franchise continues with the 1992 feature film Alien 3 directed by David Fincher.

2019 Upper Deck Alien 3 (1992 Movie) Trading Cards Box Hits:

  • (1) Mug Shot Autograph or Original Art Sketch Card
  • (1) Lead Works Card
  • (1) Chest Burster Card

2019 Upper Deck Alien 3 (1992 Movie) Trading Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (1) Mug Shot Autograph or Original Art Sketch Card in Every Box!
    • Mug Shots - Actor Autographs from actors featured in the film! Look for Danny Webb, Paul McGann, Charles S. Dutton, Ralph Brown and MORE!
    • Original Art Sketch Cards - Artwork inspired by characters and events from the film
    • Look for special autographed versions of Lead Works cards along with hidden actor autographs inside Chest Burster cards!
  • (1) Lead Works Card in Every Box!
    • Metal Cards forged from the foundry of Fiorina "Fury" 161
    • Look for actor autographed versions!
  • (1) Chest Burster Card in Every Box!
    • Discover and rip open Chest Burster Cards to reveal a Miniature Card inside! Look for Small-Scale Alien Cards or Actor Autographs within!
    • Chest Burster Mini Autograph Cards
    • Numbered Chest Burster Mini Cards; the rarest #'d to 15!
    • Single and Dual Mug Shots Autograph Cards
    • Lead Works Autograph Cards #'d to 25!
  • (1) Insert Card in Every Pack!
    • Six unique Insert Sets focusing on the characters, creatures and production of the film.
      • The Dragon
      • Choose Your Cut
      • Behind The Scenes
      • Harmonious Brotherhood
      • Bishop Takes Queen
      • Dillon's Dogma

* All insertion rates are on average based on the entire production run