Axis & Allies Miniatures Token Set: Soviet

Axis & Allies Miniatures Token Set: Soviet

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Gale Force Nine's officially licensed token sets for Axis & Allies Miniatures contain twenty-five (25) FULL- COLOR plastic tokens to easily track the status of your units during combat. There is a comprehensive token set for each of the major armies.

Each set contains 1 Objective counter, 10 Disrupted Hit Counters, 4 Damaged Hit Counters, 4 Destroyed Hit Counters, 4 Defensive Fire tokens and 2 Overwatch indicators. The hit counters have distinctive shapes so they are easily identifiable while face down in the Assault Phase. The Defensive Fire token may be placed in a hex when that unit fires at transgressing units in your opponent's phase. The Overwatch token is for use when playing with the Expanded Rules and indicates the hex facing of the affected unit in Overwatch mode. These bright tokens will really stand out on the Battle Map and will enhance every Axis & Allies Miniatures conflict.

Axis & Allies Miniatures Token Set: Soviet Union

1 Objective counter 10 Disrupted Hit Counters 4 Damaged Hit Counters 4 Destroyed Hit Counters 4 Defensive Fire tokens 2 Overwatch indicators

These tokens are done in the unparalleled Gale Force Nine style with bold full-color graphics. Each token is laser cut from durable clear acrylic plastic and backed with felt to protect your gaming surface and miniatures.