Beast Wars: Transformers C-05 Big Convoy (Korean Box)

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Transforming from a massive wooly mammoth into a heavily-armored tusk-laden robot mode, C-05 Big Convoy is equipped with projectile-firing proboscis/gun, lower leg-situated launchers with quarrels, and removable gold-chromed Energon Matrix accessory. Big Convoy serves as a counterpoint to the Predacon Emperor of Destruction, Magmatron. Convoy’s Energy Matrix links him to Vector Sigma, enabling the latter to speak through the former. Big Convoy was placed in command of a handful of new recruits, and in the course of investigating the disappearance of Lio Convoy on Gaea, he competed with his rival Magmatron to acquire the Angolmois capsules. Convoy’s handheld gun, the Big Cannon, is capable of annihilating virtually any adversary with a single shot.