Avengers Academy: Final Exams [Hardcover]
Avengers Academy: Final Exams [Hardcover]

Avengers Academy: Final Exams [Hardcover]

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AVX fall-out: Avengers Academy is closed ... indefinitely! And Alchemist, aka wunderkind industrialist Jeremy Briggs, has offered the students a chance to be normal again - but is there a catch? And who will accept his deal? Years of plot threads explode as your favorite Academy characters face their futures ... including the ultimate challenge to the Mettle/Hazmat romance! Can friendships, romances - and the Academy itself - survive? Plus, because you demanded it: the flag football game between Avengers Academy and the Jean Grey School! Guest-starring the staff and students of Wolverine & the X-Men! 

COLLECTING: Avengers Academy 34-39