Street Angel: Superhero For A Day

Street Angel: Superhero For A Day

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Jesse 'Street Angel' Sanchez is the deadliest girl alive - a teenage homeless orphan skateboarder, fighting ninjas and trying to pass 7th grade! 

Jesse knows the pressures of being the girl who always saves the day and she’s okay with it. It’s just who she is. But when she and her friends stumble across a powerful alien artifact - they soon realize that being a superhero isn’t all fun and games. 

Is this an alien plot to destroy their friendship or will Jesse hock the artifact for a couple of hot dogs?

This series of album-sized graphic novels featuring everybody’s favorite skateboarding teenage homeless orphan are not to be missed! Brian K. Vaughan (SAGA, PAPER GIRLS), Jeff Smith
(Bone, RASL), Hope Larson (Four Points, A Wrinkle in Time, Goldie Vance),
Eleanor Davis (How to Be Happy, Libby’s Dad) and Cecil Castellucci (Shade,
The Changing Girl) all agree: Jesse “Street Angel” Sanchez is THE


"Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca’s STREET
ANGEL stars my favorite comic-book hero of the 21st century, and features some of the coolest artwork I’ve ever seen." —Brian K.

"Jesse Sanchez is my new favorite comic book character. Great middle school dialogue and the battle scenes will blow your mind!”
-Jeff Smith (Bone, RASL,

"Jesse, a.k.a. Street Angel is a rare gem in the male-dominated world of comic book characters. When you finally find a comic book hero that is female, skateboards, and kicks ass, that's when you know young girls out there now have a strong super hero to follow. STREET ANGEL
shows girls that they can be anything they want to be, including someone who saves the world and fights injustices, one bad guy at a time. She also defies female stereotypes right and left, and that is pretty darn cool."

-Cindy Whitehead, founder of Girl is NOT a
4 Letter Word

"STREET ANGELl remains as charming, inventive, and pitch-perfect as it was in the beginning. An indie-comics classic!"
-Hope Larson (Compass
South, Batgirl)

“I thought I didn't like comics about kicking ass, but it turns out I REALLY like comics where the ass-kicker is a 7 year old girl. A+++ more ass-kicking please.”
-Eleanor Davis (Libby's Dad, How to Be Happy)

"With great style and flair,
Rugg delivers another stellar story of the ever-sassy Jesse Sanchez a.k.a.
Street Angel. Jam-packed with tween angst, humor, action, and fun, this book is a must-read for the rebel set."

Castellucci (Shade, the Changing Girl, The PLAIN

“STREET ANGEL pulsates with danger!”
-Wendi Freeman, Double Page Spread podcast