Doctor Who: Dalek Dice

Doctor Who: Dalek Dice

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You are a Dalek invading the Earth. INVADE! INVADE! Nothing can stand in your way, not even the humans. EXTERMINATE THE HUMANS! Just make sure you exterminate more humans than your fellow Daleks do to win the game! Just watch out for the Doctor, as he has a way of foiling your plans.

Dalek Dice is a simple, fun and quick game for two or more players, designed by Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello (Hobbit Tales, War of the Ring, Age of Conan).

Each turn, roll all 10 custom dice. The number of Humans you roll is how many points you'll score at the end of the round, but only if you roll as many Daleks to exterminate them. You can push your luck and re-roll some of the dice to try to roll more Humans or more Daleks, but all the time you must be careful not to roll too many Doctor symbols - if you accumulate too many you'll lose the game and score nothing!

2+ players
Ages 13+
10-20 minutes play time