Dragon Shield 'Dorna' Card Codex – Portfolio 360

Dragon Shield 'Dorna' Card Codex – Portfolio 360

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Stunning wrap-around artwork featuring ‘Dorna’ by Bryan Golden.

20 pages with 18 side-loaded card pockets for a total of 360 card slots that keeps your cards safe, while they relax from a long day on the battlefield.

Each portfolio features a soft, padded cover with a wide elastic closure band and an original, collectible story on the packaging. All pages have a soft-folded right edge and rounded corners.

  • Ultra clear polypropylene pockets on a black textured backing.
  • Index card and clear spine included.
  • Hidden acrylic sheet inside the covers makes keeps portfolios flexible, yet difficult to damage.

Dorna, the Amber Challenger

Vlad signed up for Jack’s treasure hunt without giving it too much thought. He didn’t think it would take him to the pyramids of The Tail, the southernmost continent of Arcania. Nor did he foresee the booby-traps, the flying blades, the rolling boulder, or the pit of snakes that killed most of his crew inside.


By sheer luck, he and Jack made it to the center, where a sun shaft lit up a pedestal. Upon it, a shining spear. It seared Jack’s hand off as he reached for it. Even so, Vlad couldn’t help himself: He grabbed the spear. Amber light flooded the chamber and formed Dorna, who challenged Vlad to box…