Dungeons & Dragons RPG: Gazetteer - The Shadow Elves  (pre-loved)

Dungeons & Dragons RPG: Gazetteer - The Shadow Elves (pre-loved)

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"Dark is the underworld. Darker are the lands of the Shadow Elves. Far underneath the rugged Broken Lands, even deeper than the deepest caverns of the trolls, live these pale-faced warriors. Their law is that of their Immortal Rafiel, and their mystical strength that of their Soul Crystals. Together, they will guide the people of the shadows to the lands under the sun.

The Shadow Elves is the thirteenth in the best-selling Gazetteer collection. It provides an in-depth look at the culture, history, and goals of the Shadow Elves in the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game world, including:

a 32-page Player's Guide, providing instructions on the creation and role-play of Shadow Elf player characters, their cultural backgroun and skills.
a 64-page DM's Guide with a complete atlas of the Shadow Elves' lands, new rules for shamans and their dark mystical powers, and a complete set of adventures.
a large color map-sheet depicting this great new world, and the fabulous City of the Stars."

1990 ... Carl Sargent & Gary Thomas ... 64 + 32 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9287 ... ISBN 0880388463