Dungeons & Dragons RPG: Hollow World - NIghtstorm

Dungeons & Dragons RPG: Hollow World - NIghtstorm

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"The all-powerul immortals have vanished! The quest to locate them has led across the Atlas Ocean to the land of Shahjapur, where moguls hunt tigers, untouchables respectfully avoid higher castes, and holy fakirs perch immobile for years on end.
In this land of shrines and elephants and shapeshifting assassins, resolution may lie at the end of the mysterious "Emerald River." But no one knows the location of this river and no map shows its bed. Does the answer lie within the Temple of Eight Sweet Winds?
Hopefully so, for time grows short. The Immortals themselves must be found and enlisted - to stave off the approaching cataclysm called: NIGHTSTORM!
Nightstorm is the third adventure for the D&D HOLLOW WORLD Campaign Set."

1991 ... Allen Varney ... 64 pages + fold-out map ... TSR 9311 ... ISBN 1560760648