Dwarven Weeaboos

Dwarven Weeaboos

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Dwarven Weeaboos is a light set collection game celebrating nerd culture. Players take on the role of a Dwarven Weeaboos and work together to build the perfect waifu (husbando / inhuman abomination).

Players sell cards in their hand for gold, which can be used to buy cards fro their collection. These collectibles can be purchased either from the communal store, or the player's own hand. Cards have unique effects that help build sets or mess with the other players. Players must match sets to build the strongest collection possible. Collect across 5 categories of cards: Card Games / Anime / Culture / Apparel / Internet.

When a set gains a 2nd card, the player gains a waifu part. When a set reaches 3 or more cards the player gets to play a waifu part. Players contribute Waifu parts together and each part changes the way scoring works at the end of the game. Be sure to build wisely! Once the waifu is complete, it will marry the player with the highest scored based on the card that make her/him up.

Cards all have unique art and are filled with references and jokes to nerd culture. Dwarven Weeaboos is sure to get a laugh!