Emoji Pops

Emoji Pops

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These days, it seems like emojis are all the rage. So it only makes sense that they would show up in areas of our life other than our phones. Take, for example, your snack time. Although you may never have expected it, now, you can even spend time with emojis while you eat! That's right. With the Kidsmania Emojipop with Lollipip, your favorite emojis are about to become your new favorite treat. 

The perfect way to delight the emoji lovers in your life, the Kidsmania Emojipop with Lollipop is exactly what you're been searching for. There are three different emoji varieties in each box--Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry.

Each Emojipop has a net weight is .39 oz and each individual unit measures 5.5" tall. As an added bonus, these candies are also OU Kosher certified, so you know that everyone can enjoy!