Heavy Metal Magazine Volume 5 #5

Heavy Metal Magazine Volume 5 #5

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Dubbed "The adult illustrated fantasy magazine," Heavy Metal also publishes tales of horror, science fiction, and adventure. This 53rd issue includes the following stories: 5:00 by Mark Fisher; Outland by Jim Steranko; Martelaine by John Workman; Paradise Lost by Mora and Gimenez; Pigs on the Wing by Tom Yeates and Ken Feduniewicz; The Immoral Majority by Norman Spinrad; Homo Detritus by Caza; The Immortals' Fete by Enki Bilal; Cody Starbuck by Howard Chaykin; Rock Opera by Rod Kierkegaard, Jr.; and The Bus Paul Kirchner. Includes Richard Corben interview and 16 pages on the making of the Heavy Metal movie. 

Fine 7.0 

August 1981