Jyhad Starter Deck and 2 Booster Packs (pre-loved)

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This pre-loved game is in fantastic condition!  The starter deck has obviously been opened and still contains the rulebook.  It is hard to tell, however, if the two booster packs were opened or if they merely came open with age. 

About the Game

Jyhad (sometimes distinguished as Limited) is the original core set of cards for the trading card game Jyhad. Shortly after the game's debut, criticism over the game's name forced publisher Wizards of the Coast to change the name to Vampire: The Eternal Struggle — a name that, helpfully, gave it better name recognition and brand synergy with the roleplaying game that inspired it, Vampire: The Masquerade. After the name change, the Jyhad card set was replaced with the titular Vampire: The Eternal Struggle core set. Nearly all cards from the Jyhad core set were reprinted in the V:TES core set; those that weren't were eventually reprinted in later V:TES expansions, save for the card Chainsaw, which remains exclusive to Jyhad.