Magic the Gathering: Secret Lair - Seeing Visions

Magic the Gathering: Secret Lair - Seeing Visions

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Includes 4 Different Alt-Art Foil Serum Visions from four different artists.

Open your third eye with Seeing Visions, a stunning playset of alternate-art Serum Visions. From street art to abstract, each one of these cards is trippier than the last. Mind-bending artists Kristina Collantes, DXTR, Lauren YS, and Jaime A. Zuverza ensure every scry feels much deeper than 2.

Jaime A Zuverza is known most popularly as a "poster" artist that creates posters that look like punk zines.

Lauren YS is an artist based in Los Angeles that is most popular for her works with psychedelic and surreal street murals.

DXTR is known as "DXTR The Weird" and has multiple yearlong design projects for art for portrait-mapping/bike art.

Kristina Collantes is known for otherworldly art.