Marvel Avengers Thor Superama Action Figure

Marvel Avengers Thor Superama Action Figure

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Superama™ is a truly original collect-and-display item – a hybrid Super Hero/Diorama portmanteau!

Introducing the FIRST “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” Collect and Display MARVEL set! We set the action, YOU choose the story! How? By connecting the bases together using the unique Lego-esque holes & pegs, and by changing out the background environments at will! You can change Spidey’s NYC stoop to Thanos’ intergalactic empire! Have your favorite Marvel heroes team up, a hero and villain face off, tell an Avengers story or a native story; i.e. Hulk facing off with Thor! The story controls are in your hands! BIG VALUE for a great MARVEL figure, comic environments, interlocking base system, and swappable backgrounds - A BIG Collect and Display item! A very Uniform presentation!

All bases can link together in any sequence, swappable backgrounds, and item dimensions are 6.5” x 5.75” x 5.5”. The first offering is starting off with a bang with Marvel Classic comic book favorites Iron Man™, Thor™, Spider-Man™, and The Incredible Hulk™.

Legend tells of the son of Odin, heir to the otherworldly throne of Asgard – he is Thor, the mightiest hero of mythology! Once banished to earth by his father Odin in order to learn a lesson in humility, the noble Thor has since vowed to protect the planet, using his enchanted hammer & mastery of the storm to vanquish any foes that threaten his adopted home.