Little Soldier Backpack Water Toy

Little Soldier Backpack Water Toy

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Nai-B Milistar Little Soldier Backpack Water Gun Desert Type

This water guns are made so children can enjoy a refreshing outdoor experience.

The backpack container provides high water capacity and the hose connects to the water gun.

Minimal weight is felt through the innovative backpack design.

Children’s ease of use and freedom of movement is felt with use of both arms and hands.

Adjustment of the straps allows for the right fit and long-term use and prevents harm.



♡Be sure to read beforehand.

♡Not for children under 3 yrs.

♡Do not use with missing parts or when damaged.

♡Only use clean water.

♡Do not use with toxic liquids.

♡Handle with care. Do not drop from high places or apply excessive force.

♡Can cause harm when thrown towards humans or animals.

♡Firing towards face or eyes can result in injury.

♡Use with adult supervision.