Monopoly: 30th Anniversary Edition (pre-loved)

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This beautiful vintage Monopoly set is complete and looks as if it has never been used.

1965 was the 30th anniversary of Monopoly and was celebrated with the release of the #12 Anniversary Edition housed in a plastic case. The library edition had apparently ceased production by this time as its number was reused for the anniversary edition.

Dimensions of the case: 28 x 53 cm

This is a "portable" version of the more than well known boardgame. The board, with white back, fits into the top part of this blue case. The other part contains a plastic insert with trays indented for as well the banknotes as the houses and hotels, the property deeds, the Chance and Community Chest cards, the dice and tokens. Besides a clear plastic tray covers each of the banknotes.

The board states as latest copyright date 1961, but presumably this special edition was issued not until 1965 and did serve as one of the 30 year anniversary editions. The 32 houses and 12 hotels are made of white wood with resp. a green and red roof! (This version of the houses and hotels was in this time also used in a.o. German and Dutch sets.)

There is no more mention of any copyright in the circle on the banknotes. There are 8 pewter tokens and 4 pairs of red & white dice.