Doctor Who 500 Year Diary

Doctor Who 500 Year Diary

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As a Time Lord, you may have two hearts, but you only have one brain. When you've gone through nearly a dozen reincarnations and hundreds upon hundreds of years of adventures, things start to blur together after a while. Since technology is always changing and unreliable, the Doctor goes old school and jots down his memories in his diary.

As a human, you probably won't live for 500 years, but who knows? If we can clone people's dead pets, we should be able to re-shell a human consciousness by the time you'll need a new body. It's best you start journaling now! The 500 Year Diary has been with The Doctor since his first incarnation and it has plenty of blank pages for you to record your adventures in time and space.

Product Specifications

  • Write your adventures in time and space
  • Hardback, saddle-stitched journal
  • Officially licensed Doctor Who collectible
  • 320 blank pages
  • Dimensions: 8" x 5"