Pathfinder Beginner Box
Pathfinder Beginner Box

Pathfinder Beginner Box

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Take your first step into an exciting world of fantasy adventure with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box. Within you will find simple rules to create and customize your own hero, as well as a robust system to run your character through challenging adventures and deadly battles against villainous monsters like goblins and dragons. Will you be a courageous fighter who masters weapons and armor to cut a trail of destruction through your enemies? A wise cleric who calls upon the power of the gods to heal your allies and burn enemies with sacred fire? A witty rogue able to disarm traps and strike with deadly accuracy? A brilliant wizard whose magical powers bring foes to their knees? All the details of your character are yours to control. The only limit is your imagination.

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box is packed with everything you need to get started with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, an imaginative tabletop fantasy adventure game for 2 to 5 players. Scores of monsters, challenges, and advice give gamers the tools to create their own worlds and adventure, providing countless hours of gaming excitement. With streamlined rules and a focus on action-packed heroic adventure, this deluxe boxed set is the ideal introduction to the world of the Pathfinder roleplaying game, and the best starting point for a lifetime of pulse pounding adventure.

  • 64-page Hero’s Handbook detailing character creation, spells, equipment and general rules for playing the game
  • 96-page Game Master’s Guide packed with adventures, monsters, magic treasures and advice on how to create and narrate tales all your own
  • 4 pre-generated character sheets and 4 blank character sheets
  • Set of 7 polyhedral dice
  • More than 80 full-color pawn depicting diverse heroes and monsters
  • Durable reusable double-sided Flip Mat that works with any kind of marker
  • 16-page Transition Guide to bring your hero to the full Pathfinder Game