Star Wars Deluxe Nylon X-Wing Fighter Kite

Star Wars Deluxe Nylon X-Wing Fighter Kite

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Before it done blew up, Alderaan's world-wide favorite pastime was flying kites. They had kites of everything imaginable - famous leaders, droids, ships, and donuts (well, spacedonuts). Well, now the Alderaanians are all space dust, but their love of flying lives on in these Star Wars Kites.

You can stage peaceful, floaty dogfights. The X-Wing's swooping in on the Death Star for the trench run! Just like in the movies, only a lot more relaxing.

  • Star Wars Kites
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • Some assembly required
  • Wind range 7-18 mph
  • Line weight: 50 lb.
  • Line length: 170 ft.
  • Materials: Nylon sail material + fiberglass airframe