Slipcase Binder ‘Radix’ the Living Root

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The ultimate way to protect and display your collection. Looks good on any gamer’s shelf or mantelpiece.

• Smooth fitting binder of the highest quality.
• Solid 3D ring mechanism.
• Compressor bar included to keep your pages in check.
• Very sturdy 3 mm slipcase.
• Tough easy-to-clean high-gloss print.
• Gorgeous dragon artwork by one of our finest artists.

Radix, the Living Root

Radix’s origin is unlike any other known dragon; his mother is nature herself, and his father, the magic of creation. Radix began life as a single sapling in an unwooded forest. Over the course of centuries, while great trees grew all around, the sapling grew.

And when the forest became a battlefield, the sapling absorbed the souls of the dead and drank the blood buried in the soil, until it grew wild and dangerous, with legs and scales, sharpened spikes and talon teeth until its eyes opened, glowing an eerie green, as if it embodied mother nature herself, and would seek vengeance upon those who scorned her.