Star Wars "A New Hope" One Sheet Style "a" 77/21-0 Poster

Star Wars "A New Hope" One Sheet Style "a" 77/21-0 Poster

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Vintage - Still in original shrink wrap on board.  Original price tag still attached.

Authorized reproduction by Zigzag.

This poster is probably the most recognizable of all of the Star Wars posters and the most prominent in the hearts and minds of fans. In fact, it is arguably the best known of any movie poster. The striking image of Luke and Leia was featured on countless pieces of merchandise. It is so engrained in pop culture that you still see parodies of the image to this day.

This poster was painted by artist Tom Jung with design work by Smollen, Smith, and Connolly (presumably Fox or LFL marketing people). A version designed similar to this one was painted by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt and done without photo references of Hamill or Fisher. The Jung version was so loved by Carrie Fisher's mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, that she had a second copy of the poster painted:


"We had a problem with Carrie Fisher," noted Jung, "because they wanted to make her more glamorous. I got my wife to pose for the drawing, and I changed the hairdo and shoved the paint around until I came up with the figure you see now. Carrie Fisher's mother, Debbie Reynolds, loved the poster. She called David Weitzner at Fox's advertising department and asked if she could have the painting, so he asked me to do a duplicate painting, which is now hanging in Carrie Fisher's house. The original painting is at Skywalker Ranch." --Cinefantastique Feb. '97 (by Lawrence French)

The droids were added to both Jung's style A one-sheet art and his half-sheet art at the insistance of Lucas. This fact is confirmed in Cinefantastique.

In "Children of the Night" magazine from March 1977 (interview in Sept. '76), Derek Jensen conducts an interview with 20th Cent. Fox publicity director Charles Lippincott. In it, he expresses his hope that Frank Frazetta will be interested in doing the poster art for Star Wars. This explains why Tom Jung's style A SW poster art is so "Frazetta-esque".

It is a little known fact that there are FOUR different printings of this style of poster. All are original, but each is different in the text at the bottom of the poster. Star Wars Poster Archive has a really good description of the printings:


  • The first printing has across the bottom border "one sheet - style 'A'" and then the NSS number as "77/21-0".
  • The second printing has across the bottom border "one sheet - style 'A'" with the NSS number as "77/21".
  • The third printing has across the bottom border "one sheet - style 'A'" with the NSS number as "77/21" and "Star Wars" written under it.
  • The fourth printing doesn't have the tag but just the NSS number "77/21" and "Star Wars" written under it.