Talisman Adventures RPG: Playtest Guide

Talisman Adventures RPG: Playtest Guide

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A whole new world of adventures awaits

  • Talisman comes to life like never before
  • Easy-to-learn system using only 3 six-sided dice

This Playtest Guide offers the chance to explore the Realm of Talisman as never before. The rulebook contains everything you need to play and run the game up to 3rd level. It has rules for character creation including 6 ancestries (elf, dwarf, human, ghoul, troll, and sprite) and 9 classes (assassin, druid, minstrel, priest, prophet, sorcerer, thief, warrior, and wizard). It also contains the core rules of play, 6 starting characters, and a starting adventure that details some of the more advanced rules for telling stories in the Realm of Talisman. Be a part of the journey and help us forge the path of this new and exciting game!

  • A brand new role playing experience
  • All necessary information for game masters & players
  • Including an immersive tutorial adventure

Content (pending): 1 softcover book (84 pages) | 1 poster