The 51 Most Popular Drinking Games  (pre-loved)

The 51 Most Popular Drinking Games (pre-loved)

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This is a pre-loved game.

Containing all you need to play up to 51 of the best known drinking games around Kheper Games presents a must-have party kit for any (adult) gathering. Laughs are guaranteed and it`s the perfect way to loosen everyone up. Included you`ll find all the tools needed to play games like Beer Pong Quarters Four Kings and Truth or Dare. A Rule booklet is included which spells out the how-tos for each game. Perfect for 4 or more players.


  • Rule book
  • 108 x "I Never" statements
  • 108 WTF questions
  • 1 x poker deck
  • 2 x ping pong balls
  • 2 x game chips
  • 2 x dice