The Quest for El Dorado

The Quest for El Dorado

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One goal, a thousand possibilities - which tactic do you choose?

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Strategy game for small and big adventurers with 100,000 game options

A little Indiana Jones feeling is in the air with "The Quest for El Dorado" when the players slip into the role of an expedition leader. And as a leader, many decisions have to be made: who supports the team, which way is the best, who has to leave the crew? Because the goal is obvious: be the first to reach “El Dorado”.

The strategy game for brave adventurers from 10 to 99 years old can be played again and again due to the many decision options. New routes result in a new course of the game and require your own strategies. Thanks to the variable game plan, there are over 100,000 game options. "El Dorado" can also be played particularly well in pairs, but up to four courageous expedition leaders can lead their own team through the jungle.

The different landscapes present the players with their own challenges, and each turn requires strategic decisions. How long do you wait to exchange your cards and when is the best time to use the equipment you have purchased? Buying strong cards early or getting your expedition in a good position first? In the deck building board game "The Quest for El Dorado" every game offers new ways of playing. Deck building means that every player starts with the same deck of cards, his deck. During the course of the game, players expand their own deck with new, stronger cards and thus expand their deck individually.

“The Quest for El Dorado”
Every game a new challenge - every game a different strategy.

A varied expedition that requires strategy, tactics and decision-making.

Content / equipment

7 terrain tiles, 2 terrain tiles, 1 target tile, 6 blockades, 8 game pieces, 4 expedition tiles, 1 starting player hat, 1 market tile, 86 expedition cards, 36 cave tiles