The Rangers Combat Card Game

The Rangers Combat Card Game

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The card game The Rangers Combat Card Game is a fast fun two player card game of strategy and math. The Rangers Combat Card Game features original artwork based on The Rangers film.

From the anvil of The Forge Studios comes The Rangers Combat Card Game, a game of high adventure.

In this first edition limited set, two armies go head to head in a winner take all battle of legendary proportions.

The Forces of Light–Spearheaded by the Rangers and their Wood Elf allies–take on the Forces of Darkness; the Orcs and their Shadow Elf masters.

The basic set includes 54 cards and a rules sheet, all in a handsome box.
The factions are divided into two decks of 27 cards each, with distinctive backs. The face of every card is different, with artwork inspired by the epic film The Rangers: A Shadow Rising.

The Rangers Combat Card Game is easy to learn but takes strategy to master. Gameplay is fast, fun, and exciting.

The battle begins with each player drawing five cards from their decks. The Forces of Darkness strike first in the initial Combat Engagement by playing a Character Card upon the field of battle. The Forces of Light then respond, each player takes turns playing Character, Specialty, and Specialty: Gear cards from their hand until one side or the other chooses to Call the Combat Engagement or they have played all the cards from their hands.

At the end of the Combat Engagement, each player tallies his Attack Modifiers. The player with the highest number of points wins the Combat Engagement. The victor takes the difference in points and removes that number of enemy cards from play.

Each Combat Engagement is a battle but one battle does not win the war!

Each player then draws back up to five cards. The loser of the last Combat Engagement now gets to go first.

WIN the game and the war by removing five enemy characters from play!