Vintage Spawn, the Samurai Wars : Jyaaku the Nightmare Figure

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This figure measures roughly 8 inches tall and comes with dozens of bendable appendages, allowing him to easily stand on his own in many different poses. Figure is still in original unopened packaging. 

A three-headed monster who magically resdides inside the body of his minion Dojo, Jyaaku guides Dojo's actions and is the force behind the unjust treaty that led to the rebirth of the brash young Samurai warrior Takeda as a Spawn in feudal Japan. After Takeda completes his mission avenging his own murder, he asks to be returned to the grave for eternity. Jyaaku appears to turn down the request, leading to a full-scale battle that rages for weeks until an angelic warrior is dispatched from the Worlds Above to end the confrontation between the monster and his formerly human creation.