Way Of the Panda

Way Of the Panda

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The once-prosperous Panda Lands have been overrun by a merciless ninja brotherhood. Anyone that travels the roadways is at the risk of being attacked by bandits. The time has come for the Panda Clans to take back control of their country. Which Clan will be most influential in the rebuilding efforts and win the Emperor’s favor?

In Way of the Panda, players become leaders of a Panda Clan. They must send their Champions into the land to defeat the ninja menace. Clearing the roadways will make them safe for travel, and allow for the ancient cities to be rebuilt. Eliminating ninjas and constructing buildings will bring prestige to their clan. The player with the most prestige at the end is declared the winner and gets to sit at the right hand of the Emperor.

2-4 players
Ages 14+
45 minute play time

55 Double-Sided Road Tiles
4 Player Sheets
52 Highly-Detailed Panda Miniatures
36 Quest Tiles
12 Colored Bases
10 Market Building Miniatures
10 Gate Building Miniatures
Game Board
8 City Cards
10 Pagoda Building Miniatures
6 City Bases
Map Board
18 Bonus Mandates Cards
6 Initial Building Cards
24 Strength Tiles
12 Clan Markers