Weiss Schwarz TCG: Revue Starlight Trial Deck+

Weiss Schwarz TCG: Revue Starlight Trial Deck+

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We will all do Starlight! The Curtain of the Stage of Fate opens, in Weiss Schwarz! Revue Starlight, the multi-dimensional series that is a musical AND anime, debuts on a new stage! Will the Stage Girls' performance be as blindingly brilliant?

Each Weiss Schwarz: Revue Starlight trial deck includes 50 cards, a rules sheet, a playmat, and a deck manual. There are 22 different cards. Look for signed cards from the voice cast - Momoyo Koyama (as Karen Aijo) and Suzuko Mimori (as Hikari Kagura).

Every deck contains 2 shiny cards! In addition, every deck has a chance to contain RRR parallel cards with special embossing (7 different cards available).