Wrath Of Kings: House Hadross - Character Specialist Box 2 - Orsund Cavalier #3

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Careful application of magic and captive spirits allow these terrors of the deep to stalk the land. Many Hadrossian scholars consider Orsunds the most intelligent among the many varieties of kraken kept as beasts of burden. As such they are remarkably quick to learn, and similarly quick to take offense, though, once trained, Orsunds demonstrate almost childlike loyalty to their cavalier masters. While they can boast to no great speed ashore, Orsund Cavaliers make up in reach what they lack in velocity. Enemies venturing too close find themselves ensnared by tentacles and dragged towards the Orsund's gaping maw to be consumed, crushed, or speared.

Plastic components.

1 Orsund Cavalier
Stat Cards